“Wait a minute! This is just a tabletop role-playing game. I already do this with Dungeons & Dragons, and GURPS and Call of Cthulhu and…”


Okay, you got us 😉  We believe tabletop role playing is an incredible medium for telling a compelling story and connecting with other people. But we kept running into problems with all of our campaigns, so we set about making something that would scratch our own itch.

Scheduling with a group is hard!

When every character (player!) literally has to be at every session for continuity, play times get postponed every time someone has something come up last minute. We wanted compelling stories with characters we could become attached to, without the ongoing need to plan our weeks around it. So we looked to the world of the short story.

We wanted to share these experiences

With ALL of our friends, but some people were scared off by a d20, and others turned their noses up at dragons, wizards, and orcs. So we simplified the outcome mechanics and focused on telling stories anyone could relate to.

We discovered

That with the combination of these things, even seasoned RPG players felt a willingness to undertake more feats of derring-do without the risk of losing a long-running character, likewise StoryMasters (that’s what we call our GMs) were more willing to let dire things happen to characters without fear of hurt feeligs from players.

Give our adventures a try

We’re building them for you, the hardcore RPG player, first and foremost. If they don’t appeal to your sense of role-play, we’ve missed the mark.

We’re just hoping we can bring some other folks into the fold too.