So what is it?


Our stories are self-contained short adventures that include (almost! [1]) everything you need to weave a tale of heroics with your friends and family. After downloading and printing the story packet, one player will take on the role of the StoryMaster. He or she will be in charge of narrating the story, and guiding the rest of the players, who each assume the mantle of one of the Characters in the story. Each Player is given a short dossier of their Character, including some general details, an illustration, and an overview of the Character’s strengths and weaknesses. Players are encouraged to take on the traits of their Characters. Ham it up!

Players make any necessary decisions for their Character — but if they try something chancy, the StoryMaster will use a pair of dice and some numbers we provide to determine the outcome! As the story progresses, the StoryMaster may reveal new equipment, items, or abilities to help your Character through tough spots, OR they might hamstring your Character with any sort of malady.


  I want to try! 



[1] In addition to the PDF of the Short Story RPG adventure, you’ll need a pair of standard dice. You should be able to boost a pair from your copy of Monopoly,  Sorry!, or your local casino’s craps table[2]!

[2] Casino method not recommended.